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Apple iPhone 6: Most expected launch ever

All eyes are keen on Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL ) to see the next generation iPhone 6 and no doubt, that would be another blockbuster smartphone to beat the records of the previous iPhone 5s sales. Consumer world is expecting something more from the companies every year, especially from Apple.gold-iphone-6-rumor

This time we have to see how the company could improve the device to improve the sales numbers. As Apple CEO Tim Cook acquired many small tech firms recently, we can see his desperation towards launching something premium, something unique this time.


Every year Apple analysts and investors expect a lesser sales than the predecessor, still the company had managed to achieve higher sales than the older models. iPhone 4s, iPhone 5s and even iPhone 5c outperformed the analysts’ expectations, even most of the bullish projections.

What could be the new features of iPhone 6?

Well, according to several rumors and reports, it looks like Apple will be differentiating this year iPhone from old models by launching a large screen smartphone, may be with 2 variants. As Samsung and other players found some sort of success through launching giant Android phablets to the market, Apple may launch a giant iOS phablet too.

An alleged dummy iPhone 6 compared with Galaxy S5

Initially, many reports suggested that there will be two sizes – a 4.7-inch and  5.7-inch iPhone 6, but later everyone concluded by saying that the 5.7-inch version of the iPhone could be launched during the holiday season, end of the year. Don’t be sad, the 4.7-inch screen iPhone is much larger than the current iPhone 5s’ diagonal measure and somewhere close to that of Galaxy S3, but it can’t be called as phablet, though.

According to market research data from Canalys, over 35 percent of all smartphone sold worldwide in first three months of 2014 are the large handsets with 5-inch or even larger display screens. Apple reportedly sold 43.7 million iPhones during the same period, while the phablet market sees 90 million units sold in the first quarter of 2014, which is almost double of Apple’s numbers.

Internal slide hints ar Apple's desperation towards launching large screen iPhone
Internal slide hints ar Apple’s desperation towards launching large screen iPhone

Recently, we have seen a leaked internal presentation of Apple, which revealed the company’s acceptance about the growing demand for the large screen smartphones, where it said, “Strongest demand is coming from less expensive and larger screen smartphones.”

Apple can sell a 4-inch iPhone for under $300, either forgoing their historically huge margins and/or making a cheap device. Neither of which are very likely. The much more likely scenario is that Apple sells a bigger iPhone 6 for its current market price and margins addressing the growing market.

A concept iPhone 6 shows illuminated body
A concept iPhone 6 shows illuminated body

Apple analyst Katy Huberty at Morgan Stanley also pointed the growing demand of Apple iPhone 6 in the consumer world, not only in United States, but across far east. She expects a 20 percent higher sales of the next-gen iPhone than the last release.

There is huge pressure on Apple before launching the smartphone as the company runs on the 57 percent of total revenue generated by the iPhone segment, which is most profitable segment of Apple too.

Alleged iPhone 6 silicon jelly cases hints at larger screen device
Alleged iPhone 6 silicon jelly cases hints at larger screen device

Apple could launch the handset this fall and you needn’t expect the launch at Worldwide Developer Conference 2014, in this month, as it’s meant for software. We have seen occasional launch of MacBooks in WWDC’s history though.

Interestingly, the rumor mill suggests that Apple will be introducing solar recharging on the device via tiny solar panels on the device – either it could be transparent panels on display screen or on the other parts of the phone.

Apple fanboys has to rely on rumors and speculations until the company actual launches the smartphone to the market. Now that everyone seems to know everything, but when the device gets launches, it will become everyone knew nothing. But we recommend you to stay tuned on iPhone 6 Rumors series for new updates.

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