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Disputes between Amazon and Hachette entered a new level

Amazon has been escalating its battle with Hachette with shipping delays, low discount on books and has pulled off pre-order option for Hachette’s books now.amazon-shelves

Consumers looking to pre-order Hachette books on Amazon.com will have to look for an alternative as the titles of the publisher will no longer be visible or are categorized as unavailable. Amazon needed Hachette to review its pricing on E-books and Hachette’s share of the sale. Sale of physical books from Hachette was almost stopped by the e-commerce website and pre-order option for books like Rowling’s “Silkworm”, Conelly’s “The Silkworm” were removed and customers were diverted to other books or were offered to buy the Kindle version by offering discounts.


“We are determined to protect the value of our author’s books and our own books and our own work in editing, distributing and marketing them. We hope this difficult situation will not last a long time, but we are sparing no effort and exploring all options,” said Sophie Cotrell, Senior VP of Hachette.

However this is not the first time Amazon has ended up in a feud with a publisher as the company pulled of Macmillan books after an issues with e-book pricing.  Many authors have criticized Amazon for their move on social media with Nina Laden, an author of Hachette books went to say on that she was “frankly shocked and angry”.

It is not sure if the publishers would take Amazon to the court while the literary community suggested government intervention. Amazon has confirmed that the delays in shipping and high pricing was due to its battle with publishers.

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