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YouTube Creators to get a separate app & new comment management

YouTube is getting even closer to its video creators, as it announced to introduce few updates to its service, including a separate mobile application for creators, new comment management features, revenue share through cover song/mashup videos and much more.youtube-creator-preview

YouTube is probably the place of worship for people who prefer showing it out rather than speaking their minds. This Google owned video sharing platform is one of the most visited and interacted with social platforms after Facebook globally. Now when Google is playing a major role in the systems controlling the internet media, probably the time is correct to give the online creators a separate platform to showcase what they have for us!


The features that enable this latest addition to YouTube will be rolling out in a few more months. The separate application for content creators is in its final stages of completion. People who are regular of YouTube must be aware of the terms like YouTube Celebrity. Well, according to Matt Glotzbach, the creator of this separate platform, it will help such creators to gain more benefits. The separate platform for video content creators will allow them to gain direct revenue from their fans.

YouTube conducts surveys twice a year to check upon the statuses of the online starts that they have. And according to the requirements posed by these starts, it has been decided that they will roll out with a separate platform and mobile app for these people. Although there has been no official statement issued by YouTube about the exact date or month when they will be bringing in the separate platform, the rumors is that the time is soon to arrive.

As in Google’s own words:

  • A separate mobile app that puts the creator features you told us were most important to have in the palm of your hand, right when you need them

  • A feature that allows fans to directly contribute funds to their favorite creators on YouTube

  • A way to harness the power of the crowd to create captions and subtitles for your videos in 60+ languages

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