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Apple to solve iMessage issue for swapped users in iOS 7.1.2 update

Apple has already had quite a bit of rough time involving in the lawsuits and the issues raised by the iMessage bug. The talks about the iMessage trouble went quite embarrassing when some organization claimed that Apple was actually not capable to eradicate or reform the trouble caused by iMessage. apple-imessage

With only about a week to to the World Wide Developers Conference where Apple is expected to launch iOS 8, the fact that iOS 7 still has unsolved issues does not put Apple at a good position. According to the rumors put up recently, Apple has tried the last ditch effort to solve the issues related to iMessage and Email encryption by updating iOS 7.1 to iOS 7.1.2.


In the efforts to resolve the issues that iOS was facing has had a resounding effect on the market. To add to it, iOS 7 was criticized by a certain section of the users. According to the rumors that are floating in the media, Apple made two updates to iOS 7.1.2. These two updates will be removing the glitch that involved the encryption of emails on iOS and the other glitch resorts to the iMessage issue.

According to the experts, Apple wants to bring in majority of the attention before the launch o iOS at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) which is scheduled just a few days later. That is the main reason why Apple has hurried on with the updates to solve the glitches. According to the statement, users will not be experiencing the glitches now. In case someone is still having troubles, the person is requested to contact Apple Support directly.

The current issue with iMessage is not with the people using iPhone, rather with the ones who migrated to Android from iPhone. According to the reports, iPhone users who moved on to Android and had their numbers connected with iMessage are the ones who are suffering.

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