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BBM Protected to give every message its own Security Key

When the whole arena of internet media and social messaging networks are typically worried about security and privacy, BBM talks about a chatting application that i.e. better that all.  The present version of BBM messenger is also quite a secure piece of structure. But as they say, ‘Development has no limits’; BBM is looking forwards to the launch of a better chatting service named BBM Protected.BBM Protected to give every message its own Security Key

Since inception BBM messenger has been one of the most secured platforms to talk. This is precisely the main reason why, BlackBerry received such appreciation among the business fraternity. With iOS 5, Apple also introduced a messaging system that does not use the carriers’ general messaging feature.


iMessage uses data connection to make the exchange of texts. According to market reports, BBM and iMessage were considered to be one of the most reliable and secured systems until this whole scene of hacking and theft of data that made the world go wild.

iMessage can already be termed as a failure as Apple has already suffered lawsuits. To speak of it in small part, iMessage actually blocks that part of the SIM Card that is used for messaging. Apple is still searching for cure of this issue that haunts its past users. In case of BBM messengers, all the messages are encrypted using a code. The risk lies in the act that if the code gets decrypted, there will be the threat of losing all the data.

According to the reports, BBM Protected has the answers to the risks that involve BBM. Soon, the officials will be coming with BBM Protected that will have a unique key to encryption and decryption. With unique keys for every message, the risks involving the messages will get reduced to a great extent.

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