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Facebook brings Privacy Checkup to remind users about post audience

With the buzz around the internet media about the issues related to privacy and protection in case of online accounts, Facebook has finally played its step. We have already seen a lot of scene over the loss of private information from online ventures; both social networking sites and online megastores. Standing at the foreground of such incidents, it was just a matter of time when Facebook decided to bring in more security. Thus as a measure, Facebook has made certain changes to its privacy policy for both new and pro users.facebook-privacy-checkup

Facebook is presently has more number of members that the summation of the population of 10 African Countries. Maybe the comparison is a bit unbalanced but the core matter of fact is that Facebook is huge. Thus it certainly becomes an important responsibility on the shoulders of Facebook to ensure that privacy and protection is enabled.


According to the reports, Facebook was getting a lot of reports on the privacy policy from the new users. Many users also felt tat the default privacy should be kept as ‘Friends only’ as the new users are weary loosing private information to people whom they do not know. Thus Facebook has done what the users wished for by changing the default privacy for new users to ‘friends only’. For pro users, the policy can be changed but will stay ‘public’ as default.

First time users in Facebook will see a reminder to choose the right audience for their posts, while “Friends” will be kept as default, if they don’t make any changes. Moreover, users will be allowed to change the audience at any time, including the privacy of old posts.


Facebook already reminds users about the public posts and reminds the users whether they intend to post to public or only  for friends. You might have experienced this reminder from Facebook in recent times.


The largest social network has already introduced simplified audience selector for its iOS app, where Facebook shows the audience of posts at the top of the screen to grab your attention.


Facebook will also be ringing in changes in case the applications that you use and the authority that you allow to the applications. These features will e equally available for all the users. According to comments made in social media in relation to the news, users have stated that although this does not strengthen security of protection but certainly will provide better privacy. All the changes and updates will be rolled out in coming weeks.

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