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Apple TV to get Siri voice assistant with iOS 7.1.1 update

Lines of code found in iOS SDK has revealed that the iOS 7.1.1 update will include Siri feature for the new Apple TV, where users can use the voice assistant on the device following the update.Apple-TV-cable_610x458

It has been confirmed that the iOS 7.1 and iOS 7.1.1 files contain the code which indicates the inclusion of Siri feature and does not exist in iOS 7.0.6 files, according to 9to5mac. On Friday, Pierre Blazquez found the reference file which supports property-list resource for Assistant, the company’s name for Siri. The codes ‘1’ and ‘2’ relates to iPhone and iPad and ‘3’ relates to the new Apple TV, as seen in Apple’s document. Though not officially confirmed rumors indicate the release of Siri in the latest update.


Apple TV apps use the ‘3’ designation code and as the code was included on the current version it indicates the arrival of a new product. However the current Apple TV’s will not be getting the Siri update as it lacks a microphone input. Earlier reports had suggested that Apple will be launching a new Apple TV by April or May during the launch of the current third-generation of Apple TV.

Users will be able to use Siri to search and play any media on the Apple TV remotely along with several other features After Microsoft and Amazon’s introduction of voice control interface, Apple  has also been focusing on developing voice control for their Apple TV with several commands and is likely to launch the new Apple TV by the end of the year.

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