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DynDNS-maker Dyn acquires internet intelligence service Renesys

Renesys, a company known for cloud services, connectivity services on the internet was acquired by Dyn, today. A well-known internet service for performance announced that it acquired Renesys. Dyn is well renowned for DynDNS service over the internet. Renesys was in news during the internet blackout in Egypt due to the revolution happening there and also on other internet censorship attempts.renesys-den

Highlighting the work of Renesys,it runs a network that works in monitoring the data on internet performance with a real-time network of monitors. This helps to get deeper insight of data on the network for the businesses. Renesys also works on market intelligence which didn’t come into light much. The four main products of Renesys include Internet Intelligence, Market Intelligence, Routing alarms and Internet Health Portal being very live in the most comprehensive way.


Dyn on the other hand ensures best delivery of information across the world. Whilst Renesys and Dyn combined have more than 300 internet service providers relationship. Dyn will be working as the connector of these network data gathered. This ensures Dyn customers to get better data optimization and cloud services along with centralization of data.

Jeremy Hitchcock, Dyn CEO said in a statement:

“The acquisition of Renesys establishes Dyn as the premiere Internet performance company. Renesys’s global and granular visibility into the Internet will allow us to make better traffic and message decisions, helping our customers more efficiently connect with their audiences. Our new Performance Assurance product line will help businesses optimize their Internet and cloud network performance, in a world where any downtime or milliseconds of delay can have a real business impact.”

Dyn hopes to get a better traffic with this acquisition of the Renesys. Dyn actually plans to combine and use the internet performance and intelligence data from Renesys with its traffic and message management solutions. With this Dyn assures best quality performance to its customers. Dyn has not only acquired the product portfolio of the Renesys but also the employees will be working for Dyn along with the CEO and founder of Renesys, respectively Ashton Peery and T. Ogielski.

What we need to see is how Dyn grows with its new acquisitions and how it gives a better performance following the acquisition. Stay tuned for latest technology and gadgets stories.

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