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San Francisco based RedCap will drive you in your own car

There are precisely two things to be taken care of when you are looking forward to a journey or an outing. One is the time and the other is the distance factor. Once you have these two situations under control, the next thing that comes to your mind is the comfort involved in the journey that you undertake. Be it a picnic or a late night party with friends or to office; comfort is important. Speaking of comfort, RedCap is a one of the budding personal driver service that states to provide the best.RedCap: Your Car, Our Driver

RedCap, unlike other car renting services allows you to rent certified and capable drivers to sit in your car’s driver’s seat. Well, with its base in San Francisco, RedCap has started spreading its wings all around Florida, California and Fort Lauderdale.


Unlike other Cab renting services like, Uber, etc; RedCap only provides you with drivers. This means that the car certainly belongs to you. According to RedCap, travelling in one’s own vehicle is something that is much more comfortable that riding some rented car. At times you just cannot be relaxed in the same way when you are in somebody else’s car.

With RedCap promise, you will be allowed to enjoy your journey sitting in your comfort zone.But there are certain things that are a bit weary. Firstly people who do not have cars, have no use of RedCap presently. Plus you will have to risk your car in the hands on some other rented guy.

This San Francisco based driver renting service allows you to make booking via apps on Android and iOS. You can easily sign into RedCap for a free or premium account according to your needs.

While other cab and car rental service providers aims at people without car, while RedCap focuses on the high-end clients, who have cars, especially a big one! What’s your opinion? Will RedCap can survive in its own field with its unique business model?redcap-app

You can learn more about the RedCap service from this link.

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