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5 Military Chinese Hackers Charged for Spying by United States

The clash of the United States and China has never been under the sheets as more often than not we have seen either of the two nations blurting out allegations against each other. Well, till date everything was in the group of allegations. But today, According to the WSJ, United States intelligence charged 5 Chinese Military Hackers in context of spying on U.S. Steel, Solar projects, Nuclear Power, etc.department-of-justice-logo

This has been the first time in the history of the Cold War between the two nations that any state has put direct charges against the other.


We all are well aware of the fact that Chinese have had a past filled with cases of Cyber Crime. It will be really wrong to speak of the past only as the scenario is the same in the present times as well. Interestingly, the Chinese hold up to a 30% share in the Cyber Crime and Hacking cases that spring up every year. Thus standing at this point, there is nothing such that China can do to avoid the charges.

The United States has been monitoring the movements since 2013 when for the first time Mandiant Corporation made a public release. Since then Pentagon has kept a look on various sectors. According to the reports, companies like United States Steel Corporation, Alcoa INC., etc. In the reports, it has also been stated that unless China makes evident efforts to curb Cyber Crime internally, no nation can protect itself. Although the five hackers have been charged, the chances of catching them are a distant possibility.

The Chinese Government has not released any statements against or in favor of the charges till now. What will be interesting to see is how low the relations between China and United States go now and what response do the Chinese deliver to these charges?


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