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Iran’s Internet Censorship now blocks some pages from Google and Wikipedia

In another instance of Internet Censorship, the latest update which has been viral is the blocking of some of the websites from Google search and some historically important pages in Wikipedia for whole of Iran’s public. The tight grip of holding Internet sites blocked was claimed to be loosening by the newly built Iranian Government but Google and Wikipedia have been the major hit list of victims in the act of censorship in Iran.

The biggest victims happen to be Facebook and Twitter which are the worldwide giants in Social networking. The current President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani who was elected in 2013 whose Government while keeping on pledging to loosen up the Internet censorship in Iran has meanwhile made an arrest of about 16 tech bloggers and have censored many of the websites and services on the Internet.



The plan by Iran to loosen up the Internet censor was to use something called as “Smart filters” that would only censor or block the sites that are specifically alleged to be immoral by the Government. A good research shows that Iran has a history of blocking websites from Wikipedia which was turned out to be opposed by the activists now seems to continue the same.

It was also reported that the important pages on Wikipedia had been blocked for the end users. These pages included the 1979 Iranian Revolution and page about the Supreme leader of the Islamic Republic in Iran. The facts and figures show no loosening up of Internet censorship by the new Government rather tightening it. It was also alleged about the block of Google sites in Iran first by Alireza Shirazi,director of Blogfa on 15th May 2014.

When a test was done by two independent researchers, it was confirmed that the Google sites were indeed unreachable in Iran. However Google itself confirmed the blocking, the next day. Google said it was not being the first time victim of blocking by Iraq. The major Google service, You Tube has been under block in Iran since 2009. Google’s Gmail service also couldn’t escape being censored for short intervals of time. In 2013 end there was a block on Instagram, which was reported to be a mistake.

It is being observed as a new experiment in Information Science and Technology to block the because Google is now not so significant for use among most of the people in Iran. Well,Wikipedia is one site where knowledge and information is given ultimate importance for sharing which commented to resist all censorship on it in any form.

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