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Intel cuts tablet processors’ price and expected to ship 40 million units in 2014

Intel is expected to ship 40 million tablet Application processors (APs) in 2014 and has gone up by 400 percent from the volume in 2013, according to Digitimes Research.intel-tablet-processor

Market analysts believe its a difficult goal to achieve but Digitimes Research expects Intel to achieve 80 percent of its goal by shipping 32 million tablet AP’s in 2014. Windows 8.1 on Intel platform will also be the major contributor to Intel tablet AP shipments in 2014. Intel is also increasingly focused on entering into Android-tablet market and is attracting China white-box players to offer subsidies and support from Intel’s China supply chain.


Stacy Smith, Chief Financial Officer at Intel said that the company’s CEO, Brian Kzranich is “laser focused” on reaching 40 million tablets this year during the company’s recent earnings conference call.

With Intel’s focus on Android tablets, 60 percent of Intel’s tablet AP’s will be utilized for Android-based devices. Intel has also been dependent on its China supply chain and offered marketing subsidies, technology support and CPU price cuts for Intel bases Android tablets. Asustek computers has already started using Intel platforms for all its devices while China’s white-box players are likely to follow suit.

On Friday, Digitimes Research mentioned that “Android-on-Intel tablets’ costs are already lower than those of the same level Android-on ARM models relating to Android operating system that run on Intel and ARM processors and on devices from companies like Samsung and Qualcomm. Though only 40 percent of Intel shipments will be used for Windows Tablets the volume is set to grow to 12.8 million units in 2014. Digitimes research expects that penetrating into Android tablet market is easier than expanding Windows tablet market as Android tablet maker is larger than Windows tablets.

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