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Verizon is reportedly launching XLTE band with double 4G speed on May 19

When the whole internet media as well as the users of various smartphones are worried of the trouble that is going around with the issue of Net Neutrality, Verizon has been doing its bits silently. According to the rumors that have stacked up, it seems that Verizon is working on an enterprise that will surely make the lives of the smartphone users better. If Verizon comes through with this project, it will turn up as the highest ranked carrier of the United States.verizon-xlte-leaked

According to the recent rumors that have stacked up in the Internet Media, chances are that Verizon is coming up with a new service that will be providing double speed than 4G but nothing other than the speed will change. There will be no change in the plans and nor in the settings or hardware.


The service will be termed as ‘XLTE’ and is expected to resolve the issues created by the Net Neutrality rule. The rumors also say that Verizon will not be charging any extra amount for the service that they will be providing.

This is the tweet from the popular leakster Twitter account, @Evleaks:

If it is that the news turns out to be true, then Verizon will turn out to be the best in the business in the states. It is being said that Verizon will be launching the service from Monday and all the users who are a presently using Verizon will be entitled to the service.

The rumors revealed by Evleaks are good enough to spring up some joy for the people who live a distinct part of their life on the Internet. But, Droid-Life has already posted a leaked document, which suggests that the Verizon’s XLTE networks will be launching tomorrow, i.e., on 19th May.

As you can see in the image above, the leaked document reads:

On 5/19, Verizon introduces its new brand for the AWS spectrum that advances our 4G LTE network. It is called XLTE.

XLTE should work with your current setup and you don’t have to change the plans at all. It’s also reported that not all smartphones and tablets are compatible with XLTE network, but most of the new devices that launched within the last year will work with the new XLTE network with double 4G speed,even in peak hours.

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