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Apple gets a lawsuit for not solving imessage issue for swapped-out users

Apple might have thought that the list of troubles might just be coming to an end with the patent issues solved with Google. Right at this point of time, Apple was sued as iMessage, one of its creations was found tampering with normal text message on Android. Now this is something that can easily be termed as filthy, although Apple should not be directly held responsible for it.apple-imessage

Well, iMessage was first introduced into the scene with iOS 5 where it allowed the users to send messages over data connection and Wi-Fi connections without interfering with their normal mobile plans. All you needed was a data connection or a Wi-Fi. Thus iMessage came in as a technical boon for the people owning iPhone.


The current issue with iMessage is not with the people using iPhone, rather with the ones who migrated to Android from iPhone. According to the reports, iPhone users who moved on to Android and had their numbers connected with iMessage are the ones who are suffering.

The condition is such that iMessage is interfering with the normal text messages that person is trying to send or receive. The issues are not with all the users but with some. This issue has been troubling the people for a long time now and Apple has been quite negligent about the trouble.

Thus, on Friday, Apple was slammed a lawsuit over the negligence shown in the issue! According Adam Pash, the former editor of Lifehacker, Apple was well aware of the issue but still did nothing. Interestingly, when everyone is looking to slam Apple on the issue, Apple has not made any comments about the topic yet!

What do you think of this move by the former Apple user, who slammed a lawsuit on Apple – is it a genuine one or sponsored by its rival companies?

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