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Amazon placed a giant Locker in San Francisco with a Nissan Rogue inside

When the online shopping giant placed a Giant locker in front of an iconic building in San Francisco, majority of the people took it as a new launch of any vehicle with Nissan. But later it has been found that the giant locker placed outside the fiery building of San Francisco is nothing but a publicity stunt organized by Amazon, collaborating with Nissan.



Amazon unveiled the locker service for its online shoppers, long ago, which are lockers placed in popular cities across US, where its customers can order online and pickup the items by using the codes received during the online shopping.

Initially, nobody know about what is actually in there in the giant locker, everyone thought that both the companies are quite bent on making this a success. Many of us even believed the rumors about Amazon’s plans to sell cars online! But later, the mystery has been unlocked as Amazon has unveiled as both the companies are doing a marketing stunt via this giant locker.

Neither Amazon nor Nissan have said anything officially about what is actually going out there in San Francisco for few hours. According to the scene that is going around in front of the locker, attendants from the companies are asking people to take snaps and upload them along with the hashtag #giantlocker. Everyone who does so will be awarded a code that will lead them to some awesome prizes including Amazon Music Downloads. This is not the end yet. One lucky person, whose code will open the locker, stands in a chance to win a Nissan Rouge, which is placed inside the giant locker.

As per the “find” page of Amazon Locker, the company has already placed several “normal” lockers in every cities in United States, as we can find five lockers placed in Edison, NJ. The company is working hard to find the easiest way to deliver and get returns from customers. Amazon had already introduced this service in UK also. Now Amazon is encouraging its users to use the service more and more, which could save a lot money for the company.

If you are new to Amazon Locker go through this – All you have to do is, find a locker near your place, add it to your address book in Amazon.com, get the code after completing the transaction. Now you have to go to the nearest locker that was mentioned by you during shopping and enter the code to receive your product, as simple as that. You can also send your returns through the Amazon Locker, vice versa. If you want to know more about the new feature and how to use the Amazon Locker, just visit this link.

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