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Finaly, Google adds PayPal support to Android Play Store

Google has finally brought PayPal transactions to its Play Store, where users can buy apps and do in-app purchases by using their PayPal email address.

Google does not seem to be missing out any opportunities. As per the recent developments, we can see that Google went through a lot of upgrades in most of the segments that it has. Some of them in the list includes Google Maps, Hangouts, etc. But one of the major changes that took place was the integration of PayPal with Google Play Store. Frankly speaking, this was the change that majority of the Android users were looking forward to. Although it is not clear that what took Google so long to integrate one of the most secure online payment platforms into Google Play Store.


Google-play-paypalThe integration of PayPal into Google Play Store can be very well termed as the change that will be benefiting the users the most. The issue that most of the users faced on Google Play Store faced involved the buying of paid applications, Movies, Books, etc. Many people thought that it was not safe to deliver the important details on Play Store. That is the very reason, most of the people also barred themselves from using the best applications and games on the store.

With the addition of PayPal, the issue of security seems to have been solved. PayPal has had the trust of the users for a long time now and is also considered to be one of the most secured systems on the Internet media. According to Google, the addition of PayPal was also induced by the fact that a lot of people from various countries with different currencies use Play Store. Thus, it will be better to keep a single platform for all payments than to create separate portals for different countries.

Though the PayPal addition doesn’t yet reached to all parts of the world. Google launched this service in 12 countries initially, which includes US, Canada and Germany. Meanwhile, you should brace yourselves, as Google will be soon changing the user interface of its all applications such as Gmail as part of its Google 2 project.

Which payment method you use in your Android device – Credit card via Google Wallet, PayPal or Carrier Billing?

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