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If you are in a situation where you can’t call 911, just text to 911

If you live in United States and you are in an emergency situation where you can’t make a call to 911, you will have an alternate option to contact emergency support by texting to 911.fcc-text-9-1-1

This is where Technology meets the demand and leads to evolution. At the inception of the 911 call alert facility in case of an emergency was started, people thought great. With the passage of time, so many incidents came up that showed that calling the 911 in case of an emergency is not always an option. More often, in case of calling, the procedure pulls in a bit more stress on the emergency situation. This is what the major telecom companies of USA are also thinking.


According to recent reports, carriers like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint are also behind the same idea as well. Thus, with the latest addition to the tech stuff, some places in USA will be able to text 911 in case of an Emergency.

According the Former Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission Julius Genachowski, 911 is something that must be the most easily available stuff for the people. The whole idea was actually coined in the year 2012 in order to provide support to people who are deaf and dumb.

It took approximately 2 years for the carriers to build in facilities for such cases. The Text-to-911 facilities will be only available in some places in the United States. So do not think about sending texts if you do not fall in the zone. To add to it, even FCC thinks that Calling is the best option as it deals with a lot of issues automatically like Location, distance of the place of occurrence, etc. But in case you have someone with disabilities, the Text to 911 feature will surely be helpful.

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