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Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 may be launched next week in US

According to a mention on Microsoft’s website in a support article published yesterday, its new Surface Pro 3 Windows 8.1 tablet might be launched next week.microsoft-surface-pro-2

Microsoft had first mentioned “Surface Pro 3 camera” on its page and how to add recording support for H.264 in the Surface Pro 3. later the company updated the article with no mention of the tablet and said the page contained a typo.


Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement:

The (knowledge base) is in reference to generic H.264 video updates for the Windows ecosystem, as evidenced by the ‘applies to’ section on the page. To avoid any confusion, we’ve updated the KB article to correct the typo and better convey the information as intended.

The launch event will be held in New York City on May 20th. The launch of a new Surface Pro is  likely as the tablet will run on Intel’s Haswell processor, Intel’s latest hardware for PC’s. The latest Surface RT uses Nvidia’s processor which is optimized for mobile devices. A source has also mentioned of a new Surface tablet based in Intel hardware.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is likely to launch a smaller version of the Surface called Surface Mini. Microsoft has sent out invitations to various well-known Media personalities and organizations for an event that will be staged in the New York City on May 20. The buzz around the sphere is that Microsoft is planning to give its Surface Mini tablet a perfect launch pad and the invitation mentions, “join us for a small gathering,” hinting of a small device launch.

Ever since the launch of the Surface in 2012 the tablet didn’t see much sales as the iPad. The company has only generated $500 million revenue from Surface tablets during the last quarter. Microsoft hopes to change the figures with the release of the Surface Pro 3 and Surface Mini which. More details about latest tablet will be known only during the May 20th event.

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