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GM released its OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi pricing – late to show?

General Motors has announced the pricing and plans for its OnStar 4G LTE (AT&T) with Wi-Fi connectivity features inside cars that was announced in January.chevrolet-onstar-4g-lte-cars

The joint venture by the General Motors and the OnStar is trying to make a remarkable and innovative feature in the in the automobile industry. The company is introducing a new a set of features which is enough to spell-bound its customers, for example, a new OnStar LTE capability, embedded Wi-Fi around a large range of the GM vehicles, are extremely exciting. The first bonanza of gifts goes on the part of Chevrolet Malibu 2015.


The company has plans the move with the leading onboard Wi-Fi which is similar to that garbed by Ford with Sync. Obviously, it was the first major infotainment system in the line of the automotive connectivity to unleash the idea of the automotive connectivity through a hard-wired system like OnStar. Moreover, if the customer wants to go for the trial period, then they can check with the 3GB of 4G LTE, Wi-Fi and enjoy the innovation for the first three months.

4G LTE connectivity may look a fresh with in 2015 in Buick Regel. This time, GM will provisionally give its customers “one-day pass”. This will be a treat for a family who is going for a trip and want to enjoy internet. For now, the AT&T customers, may subscribe to the $10 per month plan.

If you are not a frequent data user, you can buy 200MB of data for $5 a month for existing OnStar subscribers, or $10 for non-subscribers. For 1GB of data, the price is $20 for non-subscribers and $15 for subscribers. The 3GB and 5GB packages are available at $30 and $50 per month, respectively. One-time data packages are also available for $5 for 250 MB of data for one day or 10 GB for a year for $150 for OnStar subscribers and $200 for non-subscribers.

In the present scene, Audi has taken a strong league by launching its first model with 4G LTE connectivity a few weeks back, Audi A3 sedan. OnStar along with 4G LTE fetch a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot around the vehicle. Thus, with all these features, all the technical gadgets such as laptops, smartphones, portable gaming consoles and tablets will be able to will be easily paired able at one time.

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