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Samsung claimed 10 million Galaxy S5 sales in 26 days of global launch

The smartphone-giant Samsung has announced that it has banged the market with a great sale of its brand new Samsung Galaxy S5, despite facing criticism over its poorly designed plastic material. Shipping the product Worldwide, Samsung has sold 10 million of Galaxy S5 handsets within just 26 days of its release, which mocks at the other released handsets by its amazing sales status.samsung-galaxy-s5-developer-edition

The previous release by Samsung, the Galaxy S4 is now beaten up by its successor within a margin of just 2 days, which took 28 days to reach 10 million sales goal. Samsung’s old models even took longer to reach 10 million sales. Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy S2 ans Galaxy S3 took 7 months, 5 months and 50 days to achieve the milestone, respectively.


Samsung planned a new strategy during the launch, by releasing the Galaxy S5 in more countries at a time than the previous model. Another idea would have been to partner with as many carriers in different countries worldwide to add few more units in sales number. The advantage of being the most popular is well used by Samsung, must say. Competing with the record of first day sales of the previous breakthrough product the Samsung Galaxy S4, the latest model Samsung Galaxy S5 has been the winner, so far.

Still, this number is comparatively lesser when compared to the rival Apple iPhone 5s and 5C handsets, which was released in last year. In other markets like those of Europe, the sales of Galaxy S5 has even commented to be overgrowing than that of Samsung Galaxy S4. The flagship launch that happened in 125 countries first and 150 countries on the go in next few days took up to be the most successful launch by Samsung to date. This number is almost more than double the number of countries that the Samsung Galaxy S4 had been launched a year ago.

Although the sales is high, Samsung customers are not far away from the pessimism of getting more and more from this Smartphone giant. A wait for another spectacular release is foreseen and that could be the premium metallic versionGalaxy S5 Prime.

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