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Oracle wins the appeal in court against Google over Java API’s usage in Android

The Federal Court has made the decision in favor of Oracle in dispute with Google over the usage of Java APIs in development of Android, without consent. With this some might just start worrying about the future of Android as well.oracle-java-google-android

Android is something that has been the flag bearer of the revolution that has changed the complete history of mobile technology. The development of Android launched Google literally on the top of the ladder in the list of the tech giants’ of the world. But as the basic code structure of Android makes extensive use of Java. Now this is the junction where the issues begin to rise.


Java belongs to Oracle and Android to Google. Well, there is no doubt about it. But four years earlier, Oracle sued Google under the act of Patent and Copyright infringement act. Now after 4 years of trial, the Federal court has ruled the decision in favor of Oracle.

According to the statements issues by Oracle, they do not have any issues with Android. But just the fact that Java API’s were being used to develop Android without their consent did not make them happy. According to the allegations posted by Oracle against Google, the main one was the one of Patent and Copyright infringement.

The scenario would not have been such if the Federal Court did not get stuck. In 2012, once the court ordered Google to pay $1 Million as a price for using Java to Oracle. On the other hand, they also said that Google was making fair use of Java which is originally available to the people as a freeware. As a result of this confusion, the process of settlements between the two tech giants was completely devastated and the issues again went on trial. This win by Oracle might just end up a moral boost for many tech organizations. And if that happens, we might experience an evolution of the Internet World.

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