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ISPs in UK will send warning to illegal downloaders

Finally, after a long years of altercation, UK’s Internet Service Providers and entertainment industry has agreed to combat piracy together, first step will be sending warning “education letters” for users who download illegally.

Internet Piracy: ISPs will send warningTill date you have felt like that you need to listen to this song now; you have downloaded it and put your headphones on. It seems that the times are just going to get a bit difficult now. Internet Piracy that has troubled the Film as well as the music industry for long, now might just breathe a sigh of relief. Various ISPs have taken the decision that they will be sending letters to the people who are caught taking part in Internet piracy.


Internet Piracy has had a deep impact on the Film as well as Music Industry for quite a long period now. As it happens is that the industry had requested the various ISPs many times to make the rules of downloading content a bit more strict. But we all know how strict the ISPs were. But it seems that things are just going to change a bit.

According to the present words by the ISPs, they will be keeping a track of the IP addresses that are taking part in the internet piracy acts. In such cases, the person with will be sent a maximum of 4 letters. What if the act continues has not been mentioned by the ISPs. BT, TalkTalk, Virgin Media and Sky are some of those signed Internet Service Providers in UK.

According to BBC, The rights holders have agreed to pay £750,000 towards each internet service provider (ISP) to set up the system, or 75% of the total costs, whichever is smaller. A further £75,000 (or 75% of total costs) will be paid each year to cover administration costs.

It will be interesting to see how deep the impacts of these letters go into the system of piracy and how are the Internet Pirates caught. What we can be sure of is that the Film Industry and the Music industry will surely be feeling good about the step.

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