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Facebook pulls out Poke and Camera app from iOS App Store

Facebook has removed its poke and camera application from iOS App store, a year after its launch mainly due to lack of popularity among users. The company did not share any blog post regarding the removal, still the official webpage about the application lives on Facebook.facebook-camera-app

The Poke app which was developed as an alternative to Snapchat did not find takers leading to its removal. Launched in December 2012, the poke app mainly failed due to Facebook’s “open” perception while Snapchat’s “ephemeral messaging” attracted more users. The failure was also due to the fact that engineers spent only twelve days for developing poke without any future updates.


The Camera app, popular during its launch in May 2012 for smartphone users to upload photos eventually merged into Facebook’s main app in Android and iOS leading to its decline. The main Facebook was added with features like adding filters to photos, adding multiple photos and tagging many friends in one picture. The app was released when Facebook announced its interest in acquiring Instagram. Facebook representatives confirmed the removal of apps from the app store but declined to comment, according to The Verge.

However Facebook is keen to develop mobile applications with the Creative Labs team which develops mobile applications.  The Paper app developed by the gained popularity users with performance improvements and the addition of new features like photo comment support, group updates and new article covers in the April 2014 version. Facebook is looking forward to develop a new concept instead of trying to clone apps like Snapchat with a couple of engineers.

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