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Will Apple iPhone take better snaps than Lumia after hiring Nokia’s Partinen?

There may be a lot of arguments in relation to the fact that which is a better phone? Lumia or iPhone! The truth is that no one will be able to give in answers that will satisfy the thirst of arguments. But a a matter of fact, the quality of Camera of Lumia is much better than iPhone and this is an unprecedented fact. But this might very well was a part of history now.

iPhone to take better snaps than LumiaIt might very well happen that iPhone starts taking better quality pictures than Lumia. This might happen as Apple has recently recruited Ari Partinen, the man behind the Camera of Nokia Lumia.


Well, this is very interesting news to dwell with. Till date we have had a clear idea that Nokia is one of the mobile companies that has a standard camera on delivery. And to be very true, iPhone fans were somewhat disappointed with the camera of iPhone 5S.

Although it is one of the best in the market, but nothing in front of the 41 MP camera technology of Nokia Lumia. With the recruitment of Ari Partinen in Apple, they have struck gold. Ari Partinen was the man behind the Pureview technology used in Nokia Lumia.

Mr. Partinen has confirmed the news by tweeting about “new chapter in Cupertino, California.” It seems that iPhone is truly set upon taking the crown for the best smartphone.

It looks like, Apple also want to brand the next iPhone 6 along with the popular music brand, not by partnering with the brand, but acquiring the brand! Yes, I am talking about Apple-Beats Electronics’ billion dollar deal.

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