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DirecTV CEO Mike White talked about pros and cons of selling Web TV

When Dish Network is planning to introduce Web TV with monthly price tag of $30, DirecTV CEO Mike White seems to be undeterred by the proceedings. He talked about the advantages and disadvantages of the possibility of selling Web TV earlier this week during the company’s earnings call.

DirecTV CEO Mike White has some other views over Web TVDish Networks has grown up to be one of the largest cable networks in the world with a financial standing crossing billion and it has grown to a considerable measure owing to the good business that they did last year.

Running with the success that they have had in the year with Dish Networks, they are planning to launch a new option of the internet users. Although no official statements have been made yet, the news is that Dish Network might land up with TV streams over Interne. The price is supposedly expected to be around $30 per month.

Following the news, DirecTV CEO Mike White said that he does not really believe in viability of the project. Not mentioning any direct reference, he stated that he is not interested in such projects for the time being. According to the statement made by Mr. White, he does not think that the people who already have cable networks in their houses will be accepting the offer of a paid TV service over Internet.

Mr. White also stated that conjuring all the TV channels for a live transmission will not be really easy. It might just end up in a lot of extra responsibility! The possibilities are that people might just not take enough interest. In spite of showing no interest in the proposition, DirecTV CEO has not ruled out the possibilities of the project in future.

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