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Samsung launches Galaxy S5 Developer Edition for Verizon, GPE will arrive soon

Now that Samsung selling its latest flagship smartphone Galaxy S5 in full force, people are already looking for the other variants of this handset such as Google Play Edition and Developer Edition. While Google Play Store accidentally hinted about the upcoming Galaxy S5 GPE, Samsung has already announced a Developer Edition of Galaxy S5 for Verizon Wireless in U.S.



With the new Samsung Galaxy S5 DE, users could tweak the smartphone as their wish, by using custom software, improving the performance, enhancements and more, but you have to be in Verizon’s network. As of now, the device comes with only Charcoal Black option.

The key difference between the normal Galaxy S5 and the Developer Edition of the smartphone is – unlocked bootloader in latter one, but that too comes with a cost. You don’t have to pay additional price, but you have to buy the Unlocked bootloader version of the Galaxy S5 for $599 upfront. If you will have one of the device, then you could easily install any popular custom ROMs such as CyanogenMod. Regarding the specifications of this handset, it comes with the same specs sheet as that of normal GT-I9600 model. Go through this post for specifications part.

However, developers and folks at XDA forum might help you to install custom firmware on your smartphone without having to rely on a Developer Edition smartphones, but that voids your warranty. But, you have to dig through the Internet for a perfectly working version of the custom firmware for your Galaxy S5.

Note: Unlocked bootloader will not unlock your device from your carrier, in this case: Verizon. The device still comes with carrier lock.

If you have cash and you can buy Verizon’s Galaxy S5 DE smartphone, then you can head over to this link (Samsung US).

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