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Apple Earpods with heart rate monitor is a ‘fake’ rumor

For those, who had taken the Apple’s earpods with heart rate and blood pressure monitoring sensor as a serious rumor, here comes a full stop. The person who “Secret.ly” leaked the information, has now revealed that it was a lie, just a joke. Shocking, isn’t it?


The anonymous user posted this new revelation about the first revelation in earpodsecret” Tumblr blog, where he (let’s believe the anonymous person is a male) said that he had only posted the rumor as a joke and he never expected that it could go viral as it did in past 2-3 days. He verified himself as the same author behind the Tumblr blog and the Secret.ly post by posting a link to his blog within the secret.ly post.

We’ve also covered the rumor and a number of other news websites also covered this story, as the leaker points out – “from the Daily Mail UK to the evening news in U.S.”

However, we can’t just ignore the rumor. The company might be working on the similar technology, as one of the company’s recent patent filing points at similar technology. Even the popular Apple follower blog MacRumors also claimed that the company had hired a MIT researcher Eric Winokur, a wearable expert who had worked on “ear-worn wearable vital signs monitor.”

If you are smart enough and think that Apple made him to apologize and tell the world that the Secret.ly post was a lie, the leaker also said the following to such “smart” guys:

No. I have never worked for Apple, I have had no contact with Apple. I doubt they really care anyway, but I’m still sorry for any stress I caused anybody at Apple or who works with Apple.

Whatever, the amount of space the “fake” rumor had in last 2 days could help Apple or any other companies to think about it, as it’s proved that this is something the people are looking for.

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