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GTA 5 to be launched on 17 September 2013: Top 5 Features

PARIS – Good news for all GTA lovers – Rockstar developers are going to launch GTA 5 officially on 17 September 2013. GTA 5 is one of the most awaited games of the season which is going to be thrilled with very high end elements. All the previous GTA versions were mega hits with millions of active users. This time the action is going to be carved on bigger platform than ever.



Here I am going to discuss top 5 new features of GTA 5 that are exclusively developed for latest version.

GTA 5: what’s new?

  1. Under Water Gameplay: This feature was there in previous versions too. But GTA 5 is going to feature scuba diving, which is a complete new theme among all versions. Till now underwater actions were limited to partial level only but now you will experience next level underwater actions with GTA 5.
  2. The Los Santos Learning Centre: it is going to be the exclusive learning centre for GTA 5 users. They can learn various new things (technical as well as non-technical) from the learning centre.
  3. Air Actions: Like underwater actions, it is also going to improve in-air actions. It includes use of parachute with better graphics and details. It will include better technical details this time.
  4. Los Santos Customs: this part of the game can be used to alter physical parts of cars, user and opponents. User can now alter all the costumes, colors accruing to his own choice.
  5. Bob Mulêt’s Hair & Beauty Salon: Like all previous versions, GTA 5 is also going to showcase saloon for style factor.

So these are some of the key elements that GTA 5 is going to showcase on 17 September 2013. You can download GTA 5 directly from Rockstar Games website. You are free to share your views in form of comments.

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