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SanDisk unveiled 4TB SAS SSD with 3 new Lightning 1.6TB SSD

The scenario has always been such that the people are worried about clearing out the data so that they can have more space on their hard disks. Well, with the unveiling of the 4TB SSD by SanDisk, it seems that Technology has advanced thus a fair lot of distance. The issue of Space Crunch has always been the problem with the modern users who have a potentially different globe on the Internet. With the launch of SSD of size as much as 4TB, the future seems to be different, you should learn to manage and stack those huge files.

SanDisk announces 1st 4 TB SAS Solid State Device


This week, SanDisk has announced the 4TB enterprise-class SAS solid state drive. This 4TB enterprise-class SAS solid-state drive (SSD) has been classed as the Optimus Max Product, which is in turn based on another advance technology; 19 nanometer process technology.

Many people might just end up asking the question, what is an SSD? A SSD is the acronym for Solid State Device which performs like a hard drive. The properties and the working pattern is very much similar but a SSD has much greater speeds than hard drives. The main issue with hard drives is the magnetic coating that it has. There is no such thing in a SSD. A SSD is combination of many Flash Drives built-in such a way that the capacity is maximized to the fullest possible extent. The main advantage over HDD comes as SSD can be directly fitted to the mother board of a PC. The same is not possible for HDD.

Along with the 4TB enterprise-class SAS solid-state drive (SSD), SanDisk also unveiled 3 new Lightning II 12Gbps performance SAS Solid State Device (SSD). The capacities of these SSD’s are 1.6TB. According to the reports, SanDisk plans to launch 6TB and 8TB SSD’s soon. Interestingly, SanDisk has not reported anything about the cost of the SSD’s.

SanDisk stated in the press release:

The Optimus MAX SSD achieves a capacity point that far outpaces today’s highest-capacity 2.5-in. 10,000 and 15,000 rpm SAS hard-disk drives, making it the first true replacement for legacy mission-critical data center SAS HDDs.

All these new SSD drives will come in third quarter of 2014 with a five-year warranty and it will also have a 2.5 million-hour mean time between failure ratings from SanDisk.


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