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FCC’s backyard will have a billboard with anti-net neutrality proposal message soon

protect-open-internetReddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian is running a crowdfunding campaign, which will let him place a message on a billboard near FCC headquarters in Washington, D.C., on behalf of all Internet users to protest against the recent net neutrality proposal by Chairman Tom Wheeler.

If you want to contribute to his fundraising campaign, go to this link, where he also said, It’s already starting, but I want to take this message from the American people right in the FCC’s backyard. After the billboard is paid for, any additional funds will also be used for ads in NYTimes and Washington Post.


The billboard near the headquarters will have a big and bold message to to U.S. Federal Communications Commission that would say “Keep the internet free & open for all!”

Ohanian also urged Internet users to contact the FCC and their lawmakers to demand the strong net neutrality protections. The verdict is expected to come out on May 15th.

On Thursday, an FCC official said that the new net neutrality proposal from the FCC meets the goals of past efforts and does not destroy open Internet principles, as critics have feared. The new proposal will intimate net neutrality principles because it would allow traffic management between broadband carriers and Web content services, but the rulemaking will ask for public input before passing the proposal.

However, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler continues to tout his competition mantra with a call to challenge more than 20 state laws that prevent or discourage municipalities from building out their own broadband networks.

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