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LeapFrog announces a $39 wearable for kids to track their activities

leapfrog-leapbandThe parents of the present generation have always had issues and troubles with keeping the track of what their kids are doing? The scenario is even worse in case of families where both the parents are working. What their kids are doing, the level of their physical activity, the recommended things for them, etc are of prime concern. This is where LeapFrog steps in as the guide with its LeapBand activity tracker, a kind of wearable computing device for kids.

LeapFrog is the company that has been producing electronic educational devices for children for quite some time now. While doing so they have made a good name for themselves. It will be in the month of August that LeapFrog will be coming in with a band named LeapBand that will keep a track of your kids whereabouts, their activities, food habits, etc.


LeapFrong has designed LeapBand in such a way that it will keep the news of everything that you kid will be doing over a period of time. The wrist band has been designed for kids of age 4 years to 7 years. The band will act like a game where the kids will receive points every time they avoid dirt, eat at the right time, sleep properly, etc. There will be an aura of a live reality game going on where your kids will have to be the winners. With more points they collect, Leapband will give them features and games to unlock. The gamification of the band will actually intrigue the kids, according to LeapFrog! The application in LeapBand will update regular data on the application home which can be monitored by you on either a website or another application on any Android or iOS device.

Well, this is where the real question arises. LeapBand promises to keep the parents informed about the health and activities of the kids but the real work has to be put in by the parents only. So where is LeapFrog doing the substantial work? To add to it, LeapFrog plans to sell the band at $39.99. Will parents actually spend $40 just for a list of orders from a device that needs to be done? LeapBand will probably be launched in August this year.


Leapfrog will also launch a free companion app for this wearable called “Petalon” for Apple iOS devices (iOS 6 onwards) and Android devices with Android 4.0.3 onwards. This app could be installed on LeapFrog’s own LeapPad Ultra tablet for kids.

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