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LastPass adapts Samsung Galaxy S5’s biometric scanner to authenticate

The master password service for all your online accounts LastPass has updated its Android app so that it will use Samsung Galaxy S5’s biometric fingerprint sensor, where you can login to your LastPass account on any supported services just by touching across the home button.



Now Samsung’s fingerprint scanner tech on S5 smartphone has been integrated by popular master password service LastPass, so that you don’t need to enter the LastPass password manually, not anymore. But Apple’s TouchID fingerprint sensor meant to be used to log into your iPhone 5s and iTunes account, until LastPass updates its iOS app with similar feature.

Initially, you need to update your LastPass app, which obviously has in-app purchase for its premium service. Now, to set the new feature, you have to type in your passwords normally and then activate one time fingerprint authentication  on your smartphone.

Following the use of biometric sensor, it’ll be quicker to add or edit passwords inside the LastPass app. This feature will be more secure than that of remembering (forgetting?) much complex password. Now, your LastPass account inside your Galaxy S5 is safer than ever, unless your kid use your finger to access your accounts when you are in a deep sleep!

Updated LastPass Android app is now available in Google Play Store, download now. Are you using this app on your iPhone 5s? Don’t you need the same tech to be used on iOS app as well? Share your opinion in the comments field below.

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