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Microsoft is developing a keyboard with motion-sensing technology

When everyone else thought that touch screen was the solution to the painful act of tying and striking the keyboard in case of PC’s, no one imagined of the better. Well with time, many people have started to deduce an opinion that touching the screen for simple and basic tasks is making your hands suffer more. Then it will not be wrong to say that the answer to the problem is here; Microsoft’s Touch – Hover – Swipe keyboard. With Microsoft’s Motion Sensing Keyboard touch concept might end up in void Just imagine the situation where you are just making gestures and they are being performed. Well, the Touch – Hover – Swipe keyboard is the device that will be performing such operations and the keyboard is in an experimental stage with Microsoft.

According to the sources, the technology belongs to a very low resolution; 64 Pixels. The motion sensors are fixed in between the keys on the board. Thus according to Microsoft there is a huge scope of improvement before anything gets official.


What if Microsoft’s Touch – Hover – Swipe keyboard hits the markets? One will have to consider a lot of things like the feasibility of the proposed technology.

Presently it just uses 64 pixels low resolution of infrared proximity sensors to work. Unless improvement is made, it will be difficult to actually state that how much good he technology will do. At present, Microsoft does not have any plans of going into production, thus we have not got any idea about how much will it cost. Will it be affordable for the ones who need it? The major question that rises is that whether Microsoft will be able to develop the prospects of the Touch – Hover – Swipe keyboard.

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