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IBM brings full range of its cloud offerings to one marketplace

IBM has brought together all of its hosted cloud services to one place, which has unnumbered cloud services, not only from IBM, but from other partners too. Today, IBM’s Cloud online marketplace will go live on, where enterprises could find the entire range of IBM’s offerings at a single gateway.


Steve Mills, the IBM senior Vice president and the group executive for software and systems, said that many of the company’s customers wanted to build systems new cloud based and front-end, but they wanted to tie them up into their back-end infrastructure.

He further said that they are delivering a whole new set of integration components and the control services to do connection, and they will monitor and control what is taking place.

Today, the market has more than 100 hosted IBM applications and middleware components from the IBM’s Bluemix Platform as a Service (PaaS), which also serves as a portal to the IBM’s SoftLayer Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and has a collection of services from IBM partners.

IBM cloud marketplace is an open platform, which supports all the popular and well-known application development tools and structures. So, this is not only IBM, there is a lot of open source and partners.  The other services offered on the site other than to IBM’s own offerings are, SendGrid, Redis Labs, Zend and the other IBM partners.

IBM is expecting heavily from the cloud, as the company’s revenue not making much lately, because it has sagging hardware sales. The cloud can be a good place to make more money: Gartner is expecting 80 percent of the organizations to use this cloud services in some or the other form by the late 2014.

IBM did start late in the cloud, but when compared with the rivals Amazon and Microsoft, it is aggressive reposition of itself as a one-stop cloud services company. In 2013,it has generated USD 4.4 billion in cloud-related revenue and made a number of extra investments in the area as well. Now that the former cloud computing head Satya Nadella became the CEO of Microsoft, IBM will be having tough fight with the software giant ahead.

This year in early January, the company has announced that it would be investing $1.2 billion to expand its SoftLayer cloud service, which was acquired by the company last year for $2 billion.

As a part of the Bluemix offering, it is investing USD 1 billion trying to adapt its middleware software as the cloud services.

This new online marketplace brings together within a single portal a number of these initiatives made by IBM. From Smartphones, tablets desktops and laptops the cloud can be accessed, the service offerings can be customized based on the user’s needs.

For the site, IBM has focused on the three distinct groups of users: developers, IT administrators and line of business (LoB) managers.

LoB managers from different domains of expertise, have more than 100 SaaS choices including procurement, marketing, finance, customer service and legal.

For developers, IBM will be offering a cloud-based development environment, which incorporates the third-party development tools and the supporting middleware services from the Bluemix. Mills said that it is a devops environment, so the developers can develop and deploy very fast.

For IT managers, IBM is offering IaaS virtual machines that are easily copied between the IBM’s cloud and the organizational private cloud. It will also be offering a number of new services for big data, like disaster recovery and managed security.

IBM announced the marketplace for enterprise apps in its Impact user conference held, earlier this week in Las Vegas.

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