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Social Media court leads RadiumOne to fire CEO and Chairman Gurbaksh Chahal

gurbaksh-chahal-radiumoneGurbaksh Chahal is no more CEO and Chairman of RadiumOne, as the company’s board of directors fired him on Saturday night in an emergency meeting. Its chief operating officer Bill Lonergan will be succeeding his post, today onwards.

RadiumOne had faced severe fire and criticism after its founder Indian-origin tech mogul Gurbaksh Chahal reportedly pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of battery and domestic violence battery related to allegations that he had man-handled his girlfriend.


It was also reported that Mr. Chahal narrowly escaped from more serious charges because of the inadmissible video footage and victim’s non-cooperation with prosecutors.

However, in a lengthy blog post “Can you handle the truth?,” Gurbaksh Chahal defended himself and said that the situation that resulted in his legal case began when he “discovered” that his girlfriend was having unprotected sex for money with other people. He also revealed that he lost his temper, but not involved in any kind of domestic violence. Calling the video footage (not released publicly) as “bullshit” and complained that the SFPD violently assaulted him as he opened the door despite cooperating with the team.

Chahal was arrested in August 2013 after police responded to a 911 call made by his girlfriend soon after the said argument happened between him and his girlfriend at his San Francisco penthouse apartment.

In a press release, RadiumOne stated:

At a board meeting yesterday evening, RadiumOne’s board of directors voted to terminate the employment of Gurbaksh Chahal as CEO and Chairman of the company. Bill Lonergan, the company’s COO, will take over as CEO of the Company immediately. Bill has an extraordinary professional background and has helped build BlueLithium and RadiumOne into industry leading brands. We are confident he will continue Radium One’s impressive trajectory.


Mr. Chahal wrote a blog post today, where he said that Kara Swisher of Re/Code made this issue viral on social media by writing about the story that happened a year ago. He also compared this incident similar to Mozilla CEO’s recent debacle and he called it as a judgement by the court of public opinion via social media. He wrote:

“People can’t look at the facts in 140 characters so they start to believe all of the falsified exaggerated allegations. They can only choose to hate. Prominent social media bloggers such as Kara Swisher turned this into a social issue. That ended up making things go viral.”

He also said that he only accepted this misdemeanor plea under the board members’ guidance. He said that he immediately informed about the legal case to RadiumOne boar of directors including Steve Westly, Robin Murray, David Silverman, Bill Lonergan, and Ajay Chopra. Mr. Chahal may put up a legal fight against the board’s decision.

What’s your opinion here? Is it a negative side of social media, which can spoil anyone’s life so easily?

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