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Apple to replace problematic iPhone 5 Sleep/Wake Button for free

There was an issue with iPhone 5 Sleep/Wake Button. When this problem occurred to your iPhone, you had two options: mail it in or take the iPhone to an Apple Store for a 4-6 day. Now, the company launched a replacement program for such users.



The user had an issue with iPhone 5 causing sleep/wake buttons not to work anymore. For the users their devices are more than a gadget to them, they use them in a very meaningful way. Apple realized it, and the company has launched a new program to those who are affected, however few they are, to have this issue with their phones repaired by Apple free of charge.

In U.S. and Canada, this fix-it program which has went live from yesterday, rest all, this program will be live, effect from May 2. The users dealing with this issue has to enter the device’s serial number at the website that has been specially set up by Apple for them. Once you are done with filling the form on website, and if you qualify, then you are asked to drop your phone at the nearest Apple Repair Center and have it fixed.

You need to take a back-up of your iPhone 5 giving in to repair. This isn’t a kind of walk in and walk out with your device repaired. It’ll take four –six days to be. Apple suggests to clear all content of iPhone prior sending to fix the device, and don’t expect your device will be replaced for a new one.

If your iPhone 5 has a damage or a cracked screen, it needs to be resolved first than replacement of the sleep/wake button. The repair may even cost you in some cases, says the Apple’s site.

Those who cannot do without the Smartphone for even short period, can have a “loaner” iPhone from the participating Apple Retail Stores and the Providers of Apple Authorized Service, but what we recommend is not to drop your “loaned” iPhone!

You can have option “mail it in” if you don’t want your iPhone given to the Apple Repair Center. In such case, the user will be provided a postage-paid box from directly Apple and you can have it by calling Apple. The Apple’s site says to drop in the Smartphone, and ship it off to Apple Repair Center, later you need to wait for it to be returned via postage. It even says that the process is just like your device is passing the Apple examination, if it is in a working condition.

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