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Apple iOS 7.1 code says TouchID possible for iPad

iOS 7.1 code says touch id possible for iPadAccording to some hints and rumors that are flying around the web, it seems that iPad Air 2 might just land in with Apple’s TouchID fingerprint sensor.

It was Apple’s iPhone 5S that was launched with the fingerprint scanner tech, TouchID. Since then, the rumors started spreading about the same TouchID will be used in iPad soon.


TouchID is the patented technology of Apple that uses the finger print scanner to authorize user. Presently in case of iPhone 5S, the TouchID is used to wake up the device and it’s also being used to authorize app purchases from iTunes. This is not the end of scope for the tech! According to the rumors, Apple plans to use the TouchID technology into its own payment platform and use it to authorize payments.

According to the leaks, the code of iOS 7.1 shows that there is a facility designed and referenced to incorporate the TouchID technology to Apple iPads.

As in Apple Insider‘s terms:

The code for Apple’s “BiometricKit” refers to the “UIDeviceFamily” with two identifiers: The number “1” for the iPhone lineup, and the number “2” for iPad. The integers refer to the entire product lineups, so the code doesn’t make any distinction between, for example, a future iPad Air or iPad mini.

Thus, as iPad Air 2 is expected to be coming (on updated iOS 8?), the chances of fingerprint sensor are not obsolete. Meanwhile, the unanswered question is, when will Apple unveil iPad Air 2 and possibly an iPad mini 3 with Retina?

Here is the tweet by @bp_unicorn:

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