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Google brings in a better Hotel and Restaurant Search for Smartphones

Google adds yet another feature to its arsenal of entities that simply blows you off every time. With every passing day and events, the statement that ‘Google Knows Everything’ is becoming so true. We have already seen that Google Flights is probably the fastest to search flights for your travel. Now you can also use the same technology to find out Hotels and Restaurants when you are Hungry.

Google brings in a better Hotel and Restaurant Search for Smart Phones


We have been using the feature of Google Hotel and Restaurant search for quite some time now. But till date we had to type in the specifications. Additionally, the feature was simple and lacked a few integration as in case of Google Flights. Thus, Google added the Voice Search technology and more filters of search in order to amplify your searching potential.

Addition of a complete application on foods and hotels in its store does put in a position where Google will be the prime object of dependence for travelers. Features like Voice Search, Constraint Searches with 4 to 5 checks will bring in more purity and clearance into the search results. All you will have to do is ask Google “Show me restaurants in New York City” and you will be served with the choices around New York City.

You will have the freedom to ask for specific cuisines, ratings, prices, etc before you look to move in. This new feature integration added by Google has become much more flexible for heavy mobile search users. According to Google, this will serve the needs of the Modern day humans greatly.

Currently, this feature is being rolled out in U.S., other parts of the world to get the feature soon. Did you noticed the new changes on your smartphone?

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