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64-bit Google Nexus 8 with Android 4.5 to arrive in few months

google-nexus-7Google Nexus 8 is set to give a tiff to iPad mini Retina with its 64-bit processor and Android 4.5, while one of the best tablets, Nexus 7 will soon to have companion. We will have a look at the release date, price and specifications here, which is purely based on rumors and speculations.

As Google is to roll out the new tablet, there are more speculations about the details of another Android tablet to come. The Nexus 8 might probably be the upgrade of Nexus 7 and could be seen in stores in few months. As the company usually does, Android 4.5 will be unveiled at the same time.


According to a Dublin-based Google employee, the release date of Nexus 8 will not be announced in June at Google’s I/O conference, but we could see announcement soon after in July. Android 4.5 is to be unveiled in I/O event, as it focuses on new Google services.

Both Nexus 7 models were launched in July 2012 and July 2013, so we can expect the Nexus 8 at the same time around, this year.

So far there are no assumptions regarding Nexus 8’s price from the rumors. But Nexus 8 being larger tablet than the Nexus 7, which starts from $229, we can expect the new tablet to cost more with improved specifications. However, Google don’t make money from the profits earned on hardware, might keep the price nothing much than rivals and the company will focus more on pushing Android ahead.

Until the design (plastic or metal) and specifications of Nexus 8 are unknown, we yet can’t say anything about the cost.

The source which said about the release date also said that Google will no longer to produce 7-inch tablets; it is up to make 8-inch tablets. With this change the Nexus 8 will be closer to rival devices like the Apple iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 and LG G Pad 8.3. Only time will tell whether Google win against Apple or not.

However, Digitimes reported that Google may partner with Asus for the making of Nexus 8 which built both Nexus 7 versions. But, later the website changed its mind and claimed that Google is going for HTC this time, which has limited experience in tablets. In last December, the popular gadget-leakster @Evleaks revealed that LG V510 is indeed a Nexus device set to launch in U.S. soon. If that’s true, then LG is the one who will make Nexus 8 tablets for Google.

Google had launched Nexus devices along with new versions of Android as a tradition, a combo launch of hardware and software. This time also Nexus 8 will be launching with a major Android update. It is not clear whether it will be KitKat’s new version, or L, the next letter with a name of a popular food. Meanwhile, it’s still unclear the exact version of the Android – it could be 4.5 or 5.0.

Concluding with the latest rumors, Nexus 8 will have 64 bit processor following the rivalry with Apple’s 64-bit iPhone 5S. Google is switching from Qualcomm Snapdragon processor to Intel’s Moorefield CPU, which has a clock rate of 2.33GHz and has PowerVR G6430 GPU with affordable price tag.

Keep calm and stay tuned, until we bring the latest update on this story. Post your opinion in the comments field below.

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