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Apple removed VKontakte iOS app from App Store [Updated]

vkontakte-ios-logoRussia’s largest social networking service VKontakte’s iOS app had been removed from App Store and the link redirects to iTunes homepage, as it usually does after missing apps.

Update: VK app for iPhone is back in action here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/vk/id564177498?mt=8


Though the iOS app is not available in Apple Store, Google Play still has it for Android devices. The reason behind the removal of VK app from iOS is still unknown. When the users click on a direct link on iTunes, it shows error message – “The content you are looking for isn’t available in the store.”

It’s reported that the social networking app is missing from Russian App Store since April 26. Now, the app is not even accessible from United States too.

This isn’t the first time, VKontakte app had faced similar removal from Apple App Store in February 11 for unknown reasons, but later re-appeared, about 6 hours later.

As of now, the Russian social network is filled with conflicts. Earlier this week, VKontakte’s founder Pavel Durov revealed that he was fired and the site has been taken full-control by allies of the Kremlin. He had fled the country and now he is “out of Russia, and has no plans to go back,” as said to Tech Crunch.

Pavel Durov wrote on his VKontakte account:

“Judging by the news I was fired today as the general director of VKontakte. Interestingly, the shareholders did not have the courage to do it directly and I learnt about my mysterious dismissal from the press.”

Earlier, on April 1, Durov said he was leaving the post of general director of VKontakte, but 2 days later he wrote on his VK page that he had change of mind.

Will Russia’s largest social network website find its doomsday soon? Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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