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Microsoft updates Xbox Music App, now supports Cortana voice commands

Microsoft has updated its Xbox Music app for Windows Phone handsets keeping its latest mobile operating system in mind and the new app will play your favorite playlists through your voice command.



When Microsoft rolled out its Windows Phone 8.1 preview, its Music app wasn’t leveraging every feature of the new OS and its supported apps. The voice command support via Microsoft’s Cortana (Apple’s Siri-like voice assistant) wasn’t working for everything. Apart from this, the Xbox Music app was filled with bugs.

Now that Microsoft quickly updated the Xbox Music app, users can now use voice commands to do almost anything on the app, such as starting playlists by name, create and edit playlist of your choice.

After releasing the updated app, Microsoft stated in the changelog that it has fixed some bugs and improved general performance of the application for smoother interface transitions. That means, the “unexpected black screen” issue has gone now.

This is not final, Microsoft has listed many features, which will board the app soon. Some of those upcoming features are:

  • Keeping the app stable, while improving the performance.
  • Background sync of local and cloud content. This update will be rolled out in next update.
  • Siding progress bar for easy Fast Forward and Rewind of tracks.
  • Better UX layouts on buttons and metadata in “now playing” window.
  • Quicker load times for long lists via virtualization of lists.
  • Swipe Gesture to Advance on “Now Playing.”
  • Live Tile along with Transparent Tile support.
  • UI improvements. (May be, developers are testing some other formats now)
  • And many more, including UX improvements, search result grouping, new Radio Stations etc.

Some of the above features will be added to the next release, which will be coming to the Windows Phone Store in next 2 weeks. Until then, download and enjoy the new update. Download the free Xbox Music app from Windown Phone Store.

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