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Google quietly enabled YouTube Mix for Androids, auto-generates playlists for you

The people who belong to the YouTube Fans will be pleased to know that  from now on YouTube will be arranging a playlist for you in mobile too, as the company has quietly launched the YouTube Mix feature that was launched for desktops, long ago.



People who are in love with music will accept the fact that YouTube is the place that quenches the thirst. Interestingly, many people think that YouTube just feeds in Videos, but according to the current trend, YouTube Videos are more popular than live playing of music. In the past also we have seen YouTube doing thins to take entertainment to the public.

YouTube arranged for this about a year ago for the desktop version. To be precise, when you enter the name of an artist, YouTube does a search and creates a playlist for you. This addition accepted whole-heartedly, right from the moment it was added into the frame. Till now, the feature was only available on desktops.

Let us just brush up with how the feature works. On your desktop, just enter the name of the artist and YouTube will generate a playlist for you automatically. The method will be same for the Smart viewers as well. As this feature has been enabled from server-side, you don’t have to update your app. But, make sure you have the latest app. If it’s already there, just groove yourself.

Once you use the YouTube Mix feature, music videos will start playing automatically, one by one. You could also pause, skip, fast forward/reverse the tracks. It’s also reported that the same feature has been also enabled for Chromecast, which will help you to send the Mix to your TV via Chromecast and enjoy the music video in big screen+loud speakers!

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