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Dell Venue 8 PRO: An 8-inch Windows 8 tablet you would want to buy

Dell has launched an 8-inch, Windows-powered Venue 8 Pro tablet recently, to compete with Apple’s iPad mini tablet by aiming to please the Windows users.

Dell Venue 8 PRO


Dell Venue 8 PRO tablet, with Windows 8.1 and Office and Home Student 2013, gives you versatile PC experience. Apple’s iPad is most sought out among tablets, but if you are looking for a tablet with Microsoft software, then Dell’s Windows-powered Venue 8 is the one you need. Although Windows 8 is pre-installed in most of the new laptops, it is rare in tablets.

Comparing Dell Venue 8 PRO to others like iPad Mini and Android tablets Dell’s tablet diagonally measures 8-inches and weighs about 395 grams, which is little heavier than iPad Mini with Retina Display (331 grams), but it feels good to carry around in one hand, but you might not be able to use it with the same.

The tablet has a design at rare which provides a good grip, it has a pattern of rings starting from center going outwards. The Windows button is on top and volume and lock buttons on one side of the tablet. If you have an app opened, the Windows button will take you to the home screen. It may be odd to reach the Windows button on the top, where the home buttons placed at the bottom are easy to access.

If you have earlier used iPad Mini’s Retina Display, you may find the resolution not so good, else the 1280 x 800 pixel is good enough for a tablet. It is only this thing which puts you off or else Dell Venue 8 Pro with its weight and well inbuilt, would be a good pick.

You can see the detailed review of Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet from the source link, posted below. Share your opinions on this story in the comments field below.


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