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YouTube channel now available on Roku TV set-top box

Finally, much awaited YouTube channel has arrived to the list of Roku’s catalog of about 1,500 channels, which now has most online video content to stream on a set-top box.



YouTube, one of the world’s largest video providers, was available only on Roku 3 since last December, eight months after the official launch of the Roku 3 set-top box!

Now with the addition of the fire hose of video on most of its devices, Roku is moving towards a new level of competition against the recently launched $99 Amazon Fire TV. Amazon added the YouTube app when launching the Fire TV, while YouTube hadn’t entered into Apple TV yet.

Roku says that the YouTube app will be available on its “current generation” boxes, those made after July 2011. So just know that if you have a Roku set-top box that was made before 2 and a half year, then you will not be able to stream YouTube on your TV. As of now, only residents of US, Canada, UK and Ireland could watch YouTube on their Roku TV. The original Roku came out in 2010 and the Roku 2 was launched in July 2011, which clearly indicates that the YouTube app will work on Roku 2 and the newer version of streaming devices.

Just browse the Roku Channel Store on your TV and find the new YouTube app. If you are sharing a Wi-Fi connection with Roku, you can send videos from your smartphone to your TV. You have to tap on a TV icon on the YouTube app and the video will be instantly played on your TV screen.

You can also send the YouTube app from your browser to your Roku TV from this link.

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