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WhatsApp crossed 500 million daily active users, eyes on 1 billion

whatsapp-facebook-dealFacebook owned WhatsApp social messenger service hits 500 million active users goal, as revealed by its co-founder Jan Koum in a blog post.

With more than 500 million active users, WhatsApp now sees over 700 million photo shares and 100 million video shares, every day. Eying on more than 1 billion active users, Jan Koum said that they are just getting started at WhatsApp.


In last December, WhatsApp has reached 400 million daily active users and when Facebook announced the $19 billion WhatsApp acquisition plan on February 2014, the messenger service had 450 million active users. So, we can see the steady growth of active users – 50 million per 2 months – Facebook’s acquisition hadn’t made any significant positive effect on its growth. It’s also worth to note that in February 2013, WhatsApp had only 200 million active users. Things have changed in around 1 year, its active users numbers are more than doubled!

When Apple launched push notifications for iPhones, things turned around for WhatsApp. It used the new feature effectively to keep the users engaged even if they were not using the app. WhatsApp had beaten the Facebook and other messenger service in last November to become the largest social messenger app and the company also released the iOS 7-friendly app with new refreshed UI in last December.

Meanwhile, Facebook is busy in resolving issues to close the deal as soon as possible. Earlier this month, Federal Trade Commission approved the deal, where international regulatory approval is still not received. When announcing the deal, Facebook also revealed that WhatsApp will continue to work independently.

However, some percent of WhatsApp users are still worried about their privacy, since Facebook had already began revenue generation on most of its platforms by selling ads. Jan Koum said in a blog post that placing advertisements inside WhatsApp would interrupt communication and it would adversely affect users’ trust on service. Hence, it’s likely to see the continuation of the yearly subscription revenue model.

WhatsApp is available for free on all mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Nokia and BlackBerry. After using the service for free, user has to pay a subscription charge of $0.99 per year, but till date, no one saw WhatsApp charging anyone. Isn’t it cheaper than the SMS service provided by any carriers in the world? Stay tuned for more updates on this story and post your opinions in the comments field below.

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