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Google draws inspiration from PC for Project Ara phone’s assembly

According to the latest news released about Google’s Project Ara, it seems that Google is all set to get inspired from PC’s. The most interesting block of the news is that Google is willing to promote this idea or their vision.

Google draws inspiration from PC for Project Ara


It was in a conference held last week, where Google outlined the plans that it has with Project Ara. Google has also announced that there will be a developers’ challenge for the purpose of promotion of this vision of Google. The prize of the challenge will be $100,000. Further details will be revealed in or around the middle of May on its official website.

According to the plans that Google has for its Project Ara, the device will be one of the best and easy to use smartphones for the common people. Majority of the components of the devices will be assembled separately and this is where Google plans to lower the prices via the third party dealers. The process of assembling will be exactly same as in case of PC’s. The only difference is that we assemble PC’s at homes but Google will do this for its buyers.With the cost of the parts reduced, Project Ara devices will also stay within the reach of the people with affordable price tags.

Now here comes the million dollar question! Will Project Ara be successful or even take off properly? According to the statements released by Google, it is looking forward to target the 6 billion people of the world who are without a smart phone. If this ultimately turns out to be the scenario, Project Ara can take off high time. But for that we will have to keep a track of the price at which the first phone is launched.

Initially, Google plans to bring three phones to the market. The price range is expected to be around $50 to $500, depending on the type of modular assembled in the Google Ara smartphone. At the recent Google Project Ara Dev Con, it’s also revealed that the Ara modular handsets will not enter the market until January 2015. Now all that we need to do is wait and look at the plot development.

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