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Facebook detects close friends’ location using phone numbers

We may have many or all of our friends in Facebook, but we don’t know how to trace them. Here Facebook has come up with a new app, which detects our friends in our mobile’s contacts and give us his/her exact location. So far, this works only in United States.



This mobile application is added to both iOS and Android app markets to trace the nearby contacts. Using this app, users will live in real world through virtual world, yet in a simple way. This feature is a part of the recently released “Nearby Friends” feature.

Andrea Vaccari said that Facebook is aimed to connect people. This option is going be the next step in bringing friends together.

As it works only in United States so far, the location of the friend is optional. This app comes with a button known as close friends to find them. If the location is not updated publicly, one can trace his friend, as the status updated in Facebook is gives the location by default.

Vaccari, joined Facebook in 2012, is the project leader, after the giant networking site purchased his company, Glancee to trace new friends.

Within three miles around, the user can get the location of friends and family, and can get alerts of the whereabouts.

This app gets interesting as you use, you can learn more about its function. The good concept about this will be you can say your friends about the place with the time limit. The location is updated to limited period and only for some persons.

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