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Mailbox iOS app updated to version 2.0 with Auto-Swipe and Dropbox sync

Dropbox has just updated its Mailbox email app to version 2.0 with Auto-swipe, an automated common actions such as swipes and snoozes. The updated application is now available for iOS devices, while the Android version of the app is still in version



With over 1,200 ratings of 4 and a half stars, Mailbox is quite popular among the iPhone users than the Android counterpart. The new edition of the application will learn users actions from their swipes and snoozes and automates their future actions. Dropbox sync has been added to the app along with some bug fixes and enhancements.

Earlier this month, when launching the Android app, Dropbox revealed the redesigning of Mailbox app, where it said:

We set out to tame the inbox, and swipes and snoozes were a great first step. But the amount of email we receive daily is only increasing. We don’t just need better tools for dealing with the mail we get, we need more control over what demands our attention in the first place.

Today, we’re proud to announce a new service built directly into Mailbox that learns from your swipes and snoozes to automate common actions. Mute that thread you don’t care about, snooze messages from your friends until after work, and route receipts to a list — automatically. We call this service Auto-swipe.

As the popular cloud storage and service provider Dropbox acquired the Mailbox app in March 2013, we expected the Dropbox integration inside the email app since long time and that moment has finally arrived with the latest update. Mailbox now uses Dropbox to sync and store the preferences across your devices.

With recent launch of Carousel app, improving Mailbox app and releasing the app for more platforms, the new move by the cloud startup suggests that it’s trying to branch out before launching its IPO soon.

Mailbox app for iOS could be used on any iDevices, such as iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and iPod touch with its universal design and you can download the app for free from App Store (here’s the link).

The company is also testing its Mac version of Mailbox app and it’s still in beta phase. The app for Mac will be launched soon and if you are very keen, then you could signup as the beta tester from this link. The Mac version of the Mailbox app said to be released with similar features from iOS app.

The app is also available free for Android devices on Google Play Store and you can download it from this link.

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