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Rumor – Google plans $100 Nexus smartphone with MediaTek CPU

Google’s next Nexus phone is rumored to have powerful, low cost Mediatek Processors and the company could price the device to as low as $100. This rumor came out from a Chinese website on Friday morning and is yet to be confirmed. All secret lies behind MediaTek’s cheap quad-core processors which dominate today’s low to mid-range Android smartphones.



MediaTek powered smartphones with Android OS are very popular in China and most Asian countries. Their processors are very cheap and most of the local brands use these processors to provide low-cost and high-end Android smartphones. So far, Google has managed to keep a balance between performance and price in their Nexus series of smartphones. Google has always provided high spec’d phones for lower price than competitor smartphones with similar specs.

Anyway, it looks like Google is going to make it even more cheaper with MediaTek processors with high-end specs. MediaTek smartphones in today’s market run pure stock Android out of which most of them run Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean. Recently Mediatek launched world’s first true octa-core smartphone processor MT6592 which can speed up to 2GHz. Google might use this processor or a better one in their next Nexus smartphone.

If we consider Android’s open source nature, MediaTek has never been an open source manufacturer. Most of the MediaTek smartphones don’t comply with GPL rules and therefore they are not developer friendly. Google’s Android smartphone if it features a MediaTek processor then it may cost around 100$. This would not only make the next Nexus more affordable but also force MediaTek to release sources making it more developer friendly.

We can expect Google to launch a low to mid range Android smartphone powered by MediaTek’s cheap silicon based processors. This will make Nexus smartphones affordable to many more people. But notice that this news is not confirmed yet, it will only be known when Google releases its next Nexus phone by the end of 2014.

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