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Nintendo’s Game Boy celebrates its 25th Anniversary on April 21

On Monday April 21, Nintendo’s Game boy marks its 25th anniversary. Two hundred million people around the world may feel older today. It was neither the first nor the best and most advanced but the portable device’s legacy has lived to the cutting edge in Smartphone gaming.

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It was developed by Gunpei Yokoi and Satoru Okada, and had competition in that era with Gear Sega, Lynz by Atari and Turbo Express’s Nec Game, which were strong and with superior technology.

Game Boy was a winner over gaming consoles of olden days, which was affordable and had a competitive design, low energy system with only 4 AA batteries required versus six from the competitors and above all it was fun and portable.

Super Mario, was a huge success of the franchisee, and its third console is the best sell in history till date. Super Mario was of Tetris phenomenon, which was a hit with young and adults and had a sale of 3 million units in two weeks in Japan when released.

On the first day of release in United States, with a sale of 40,000 units, it was on the top from release itself. Nintendo’s success with the initial system, which eventually was the one of the greatest achievements, was followed by many versions, smaller and lighter in color, which were even clear.

All of the versions were massive and successive blockbusters, to the point that, till today, it is the third best sell console in the history.

Its first version sold with more than 118 million units and Game Boy Advance was its successor in color, which had sale of 81,510,000 units.

Game Boy had its curtains down in 2004, giving way to the new Nintendo DS. It has left behind unforgettable memories of Pokemon, Super Mario and Zelda which were played for hours and hours. It is Game Boy that led to gaming in mobile phones and tablets.

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